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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


With the help of family and friends, I hosted a 30th birthday for my husband Chad this past weekend. It was fun and I really got into the decorations. I used maps and crossword puzzles and chalkboards and some other items to dress up the yard. I cooked Mediterranean-style foods and invited both our families and friends to come over enjoy and celebrate. We had a great time and ended the night with a campfire.




The day before Chad’s party, we celebrated Grandmom’s 90th birthday! It was a great celebration and she had all her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren there, as well as many other family members and friends. It was a really nice evening and so much fun to celebrate such a generous, loving woman.



I got some photos of Chad and our niece as they made funny faces. He would make a face and then tell her, “Do this!” and she would try to copy his expression. Very cute and funny.



We were awoken this morning by loud, thundering noises as a tree across the street from our house snapped off about ten feet up and fell. It was scary, but we’re so glad no people were hurt. It was just before the time when lots of the neighborhood kids are out walking to the bus stops or waiting for the bus to arrive, so thankfully none of them were outside yet. The tree fell into our driveway, just missing our car and taking some power lines with it, so we, along with everyone who lives beyond us on our dead end street, were confined to our houses and yards today. It took about seven hours before the tree was cut up, the electric wires were repaired and the town finished clearing the road.  On the bright side, we’ll get some firewood out of it. (Pictures from just after it fell and after it was cleaned from the road– neighbor’s yard looks like a tornado came through).



As usual, I’m linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter. Check out more {p,h,f,r} posts there!

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