The Washing

From where I sit at my wooden desk on the second floor of this sprawling office building, I can see the sky — not through a window, but through the octagonal skylight capping the atrium. What seemed like moments ago, the sky was blue, quintessential sky blue, with the kind of puffy clouds I’ve always … More The Washing

Patio Writing

On this rare occasion, I have a day clear of to-do lists and events, so I’m writing. It took a teensy bit of finagling, canceling one engagement for the day, but it’s worth it. Chad made me breakfast this morning, and then I promptly got to work writing.  How special is this day? I gathered my materials … More Patio Writing

Do Nothing

I have always enjoyed camping. We did it a lot growing up, mainly with Girl Scouts, but also as a family. But we haven’t camped as much in the last several years, just an occasional trip here or there. It had been a couple years since our last one when we went with friends two … More Do Nothing