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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


Chad and I got to spend some time with The Big 5 this week and one of the things we did together was take a tour of Penn’s Cave. The cave floor is covered with a couple feet of water, so you take a boat from the mouth to the lake on the other side. It was really cool, and a very interesting kind of {pretty}. My favorite spot was what they call “The Garden of the Gods,” which had lots of formations of different sizes and shapes.

  IMG_1725  IMG_1726



My {happy} this week is definitely getting to spend a couple days with The Big 5. It’s always so much fun to be all together. We laugh so much and catch up on everything and reminisce about our time together in France. I love these people.  This is our “Then and Now” picture.



This is Olive Oil, stretching out her legs like she’s doing some sort of yoga or weird, slow dance, except she’s sleeping. Every time I moved my legs a little bit, she would let out the tiniest little protest, like, “No, please, I’m sleeping!”



I babysat two of my nephews on Saturday night. They were so good! We played a game where we had to throw a stuffed foot (weird, right?) to each other and catch it as funny or creatively as we could, by jumping or twirling or catching low. After a particular catch, where I spun around, Blaine said, “Wow, did you practice?!” Sure, that’s what I do when I’m home, practice catching a stuffed foot. After playing for a while, we ate some dinner and since they finished everything, including their oranges, we went to the park down the street.


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2 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

    1. It really was! I wish my photos did it justice, but obviously it was dark in the cave most of the time. Although they did have areas lit too so you could see the formations. Very fun!


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