A Map and A Glass of Wine

My husband, Chad, is in the wine business. He started his own wine education and consulting company almost three years ago called (Un)Common Grape. He’s written blogs and interviewed people, made videos and podcasts, and poured wine for hundreds of people, telling them stories about wineries and grapes and projects from specific winemakers. We’ve traveled to … More A Map and A Glass of Wine

Out of Sync

I love being married. And I really love my husband. He’s my best friend and my favorite person and I love spending time with him. He takes good care of me and he teaches me and he listens and laughs and loves so well. I know there’s no one else I’d want to be married to, … More Out of Sync

I Pray for More Time

Here’s what I know: the idea of losing my husband terrorizes me. We have one of those “I go first” deals that I’ve heard many a wife say they’ve made with their husbands. I don’t want life without him and when I think about it, the emotions of that grief and fear can overwhelm me. I … More I Pray for More Time