Prepare Him Room

Heading northeast on the highway on my way home, the moon emerged, a bright golden disc in the sky to my left. It was immense. As I followed the curve of the road, the moon crossed in front of me before settling behind the trees to my right. It was low in the sky so … More Prepare Him Room

On This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Chad and I are drove up to Massachusetts to spend the holiday with family. This afternoon, we’ll fill our plates with turkey and stuffing, Brussels sprouts and rolls, and so many other delicious foods. We’ll top the meal off with the sweetness of pie. Around the table, we’ll have Chad’s mom and siblings and … More On This Thanksgiving

We’ve Had Enough

Some days are so hard, so scary.  I went to bed last night thinking about the bombing in Baghdad, about all those hundreds of people who lost their lives or their loved ones, about how there was so little coverage of it because … what?  We don’t care about Iraqi people in the West?  Or … More We’ve Had Enough

I Have a Voice

Last October, I worked at a girls’ leadership conference. My team and I trained the adult chaperones on how to guide the teen girls through community projects that addressed one of several social justice topics. The goal of the conference was to empower the girls to find an issue in their community and address it … More I Have a Voice

When #LoveWins

Last week, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide. Naturally, it was an issue that brought on a variety of reactions, both positive and negative. My first thought was, it’s about time. It’s about time Love wins this one. Chad and I were married almost six years ago, and it was beautiful, with God at the center … More When #LoveWins


I love movies. I’ve always loved movies. And I love watching the Academy Awards. Chad and I try to do something special every year, whether attend a friend’s Oscar party, go out to a party, or host our own. This is the second year in a row we’ll be hosting our own, complete with ballots … More #AskHerMore