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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


On my mom’s birthday, we went for a hike to see some waterfalls across the border in Pennsylvania. It was a gorgeous day and one of my sisters came with her two kids. The waterfalls were very pretty and the mist kept us cool from the hot weather. Afterward, we found a nice place to have a picnic lunch next to the Delaware River. It was lovely.

 ChildsPark(0) ChildsPark(1) ChildsPark(2) ChildsPark(3)


Chad and I have started a fun tradition of having homemade pizza on Friday nights. He does a great job, and it’s really nice to have one meal each week already planned out. We never have to think about what we’re having for dinner on Fridays. This summer, he’s started grilling the pizza on our charcoal grill. It’s so delicious and gets better and better the more he makes it. Last Friday we enjoyed our pizza with some wine out on our back patio. I love relaxing summer evenings outside.



I was making spaghetti squash with fresh vegetables this week for dinner and I cut halfway through the squash creating this creature. I called it a Squash Muppet. We looked for something to add eyes, but didn’t have anything handy. I’m naming him Mipp.

Squash Muppet


We are finishing off our walk-up attic. We’re looking to put in a master bedroom/bathroom. While we wait for the permit to come through from the town to add in a large dormer, our contractor got working on creating access to the non-walk-up part of the attic that will serve as storage. I still can’t believe work has started. The storage access is all framed in now, so once we get the permit for the dormer, the real heavy construction will begin.


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