Bugs in the Garden

I find myself often thinking about God when we’re doing yard work. There’s obviously a natural connection between God and the outdoors, nature. Plus, working in the yard is often quiet work. Even if Chad and I are working on the same project– which we often aren’t– we don’t talk the whole time, leaving lots … More Bugs in the Garden

Subduing the Yard

When Chad and I moved into our house a year and a half ago, the front and back yards were completely overgrown. We had walls of evergreen bushes that blocked off whole sections of the yard in the back. We had pachysandra running rampant. We had a jungle of poison ivy, thorny plants and more … More Subduing the Yard

Receiving Help

I recently read a post from Joy Bennett over at Joy in this Journey called Independence: The False Gospel Destroying American Christianity and it resonated with me because I learned about asking for help about a year and a half ago and it’s been on my mind ever since. I completely agree with her that asking … More Receiving Help


I have a strange fascination with grief, probably coming from death being my biggest fear– death of someone I love, death of my husband, death for me. It’s somewhat unreasonable how afraid I am of death, considering I am a person who believes that this life is not the end, that there is more, and that it … More Grief