Reading Silence

I became a Christian in high school, right around the time of the Columbine High School massacre. One of the stories that came out of the tragedy was of a teenage girl who was shot because she affirmed her belief in God. At fifteen, with my fledgling faith, I remember wondering if I would be … More Reading Silence

Sunshine Too Bright

The very first time I got on an airplane, I flew from Newark Liberty Airport to Nice Côte d’Azur Airport in the south of France. The runways are as close to the Mediterranean Sea as an airplane should get.  The skies are clear blue, the air is warm, and the water glistens. It is the Azure … More Sunshine Too Bright

Roll with the Changes

Last summer and into the fall, I’d been struggling with direction and purpose. I felt stagnant and stuck. I couldn’t figure out where life was headed, or shake the feeling that it was heading somewhere without me. I’d been looking for a new job for a little while, because even though my job is good, I’ve … More Roll with the Changes

I Used to Think Having Faith Meant Having Answers

I used to think having faith meant having answers, and now I think having faith means living with the questions. When I became a Christian and started attending church and bible study and youth group in high school, it was exciting, like making a new friend. You get to know each other. You play games and go … More I Used to Think Having Faith Meant Having Answers

You are Beloved

This week, I listened to the second introduction video from the Biola University Lent Project. There are three intro videos from theologian Julia Canlis (I wrote about the first one a couple weeks ago) and they talk about the meaning of Lent. In the first video, Julie talked about being in the desert, or those … More You are Beloved

Arise: Empowering Girls to Lead, Minister, and Serve

Recently, I was given the opportunity to write an article for Arise, an e-newsletter published by Christians for Biblical Equality. I was so surprised and excited to write for them, and chose a subject that I haven’t often tackled here on the blog, but that is nevertheless, very dear to me: empowering girls. I’ve had so … More Arise: Empowering Girls to Lead, Minister, and Serve