Arise: Empowering Girls to Lead, Minister, and Serve

Recently, I was given the opportunity to write an article for Arise, an e-newsletter published by Christians for Biblical Equality. I was so surprised and excited to write for them, and chose a subject that I haven’t often tackled here on the blog, but that is nevertheless, very dear to me: empowering girls.

I’ve had so many great experiences working with girls in middle and high school, both in youth groups and in my work at a non-profit. And equipping girls with the tools and resources and support they need to be leaders and activists in their communities and in their faith is so very important.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“I have worked with teenage girls for several years, both within the church and in secular settings, in youth groups and leadership programs. I’ve seen girls with passion and direction solve problems in their communities and serve the people around them in astounding ways. Unfortunately, more often than not, I see these girls rise up from secular realms rather than from church congregations.

“Empowering girls as ministry leaders cultivates women who are empowered to do just that–to lead, serve, and minister to those around them. All too often, we are focused on raising “good Christian girls”–girls who are friendly and cheerful, modest and humble, neither pushy nor outspoken. And of course, we do want our girls to be humble and friendly. And yet, when I think about what the world needs from the next generation of women, I think the world truly needs women who will speak out, who will take a stand, have an opinion, and tell the truth. The world needs girls to be passionate, to break the mold, to fight for others, to fight against injustice.”

Read the whole article here.

In the next few months, I hope to expand on many of the ideas I touched on in this article. It’s so important to help our young girls and women take their passion and live it out, right now, right where they are. And I hope to continue doing just that.

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