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{pretty} / {funny}

I read something online the other day that went something like this: Remember years ago, before camera phones and social media, when you had to take a photo of your dinner and get it developed and then walk around to all your friends and family one at a time and show them how beautiful your food was? I thought that was pretty funny, especially considering how many times I show off my food on social media– and right now in my blog. So I’m lumping {pretty} and {funny} together because I have a tough time taking photos of the funny moments anyway (too busy laughing?)

It is some pretty food though isn’t it? I love food from the grill.


Chad and I went to our town’s street fair and had a lovely time. It was a beautiful night out, and even though we didn’t really want to browse the vendors or go on rides or anything, it was nice just to get out and walk around the streets a couple times and feel part of the community.



Last week, I attended the Frederick Beuchner Writer’s Conference at Princeton Theological Seminary. I learned a ton and met a lot of great writers, including one of my favorites, Rachel Held Evans. It was a great experience, albeit a bit overwhelming at times. I’m really glad I went and I look forward to more experiences like that.

Princeton RHEWriters

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One thought on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. I meant to ask you how the conference was. It looks like you enjoyed yourself. Also, the meat on those kebabs looks well seasoned and not like the dry meat we served you! You and Chad are such good cooks and it was a pleasure seeing you last night.


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