Patio Writing

On this rare occasion, I have a day clear of to-do lists and events, so I’m writing. It took a teensy bit of finagling, canceling one engagement for the day, but it’s worth it. Chad made me breakfast this morning, and then I promptly got to work writing.  How special is this day? I gathered my materials … More Patio Writing

Just Keep Reading

Guess what? Grad school is a lot of work. Oh you knew? I guess I did too, but I didn’t prepare for the lack of writing time and writing motivation I would have for this blog during my first semester. So I’ve been away a while. But I promise to try and make a plan … More Just Keep Reading


Chad and I are starting a new routine. It involves doing a little bit of cleaning, a workout, and a little time for both of us to write, all in the hours after work. It’s ambitious, we know. But it’s summer so the days feel longer, giving us extra time to get things done. I’m … More Routines

A Deep Breath

I’ve neglected my blog a bit lately. I think about writing a lot, and I have twinges of guilt about not making time or trying harder, but the truth is it’s just felt hard lately. There’s a restlessness that’s taken over me lately that’s making it hard to be motivated and creative. I’m blocked and … More A Deep Breath