En Silence

“But after years of practice she now prays as naturally as she breathes. Silently or aloud. From awakening to bedtime. In the cloister and in the hospital. Prayer slakes her thirst for the absolute. Prayer makes her heart rejoice.” – exhibit description of a nun’s life in the Monastère des Augustins. There is no TV … More En Silence

I Have a Voice

Last October, I worked at a girls’ leadership conference. My team and I trained the adult chaperones on how to guide the teen girls through community projects that addressed one of several social justice topics. The goal of the conference was to empower the girls to find an issue in their community and address it … More I Have a Voice

5:30 AM

5:30 am. I’m not a morning person. I don’t get up at 5:30 am unless I have to. But here I am. And I’ve already been awake for probably an hour. I gave in about 30 minutes ago and picked up my phone to play a game and check Facebook. Not much has changed in … More 5:30 AM