Look for the Light

I finished my last paper for the semester at 11 p.m. Monday night, one week before Christmas. It was due at midnight, and it was my fourth and final assignment from this long fall semester. This was my largest credit load yet, with three classes and my fellowship. Graduate school has been very rewarding — … More Look for the Light

Prepare Him Room

Heading northeast on the highway on my way home, the moon emerged, a bright golden disc in the sky to my left. It was immense. As I followed the curve of the road, the moon crossed in front of me before settling behind the trees to my right. It was low in the sky so … More Prepare Him Room

Making Space

This past weekend, we put Christmas away: we took down the lights, packed away the ornaments, set the tree out by the road, and swept up hundreds of pine needles. We love Christmas, with the shiny glass balls and twinkling lights, the sounds of a crackling fire and carols filling the room. December is so … More Making Space