Keep Rolling

I meant to write about communication and media this week. I did. But I didn’t get to it. Turns out, there’s something about the beginning of the new year that keeps me from writing. Right around February last winter I lost track of my writing, and I’m trying really hard not to let that happen this … More Keep Rolling

In the Glow

Growing up, I was often called a ‘firebug,’ and as it turns out, I married someone who also loves the ambiance provided by a cozy fire. I’m over at You Are Here today, writing about how fires have crackled in the background of so many parts of my life. Join me there to read the whole … More In the Glow

A Christian & Liberal Goes to Vote: The Election, Part 1

Every Election Day growing up, my parents would meet at Town Hall and vote together. They always made a plan for this. For much of my childhood, my dad worked evenings at the elementary school about a mile from Town Hall, so he would take a break at work and meet my mom after she finished her … More A Christian & Liberal Goes to Vote: The Election, Part 1

The Fullness of Fall

The wind is obstinate today; defiant, testing our limits. It’s slamming half-open doors with a sudden might. It’s trying the patience of dedicated farmer’s market vendors, as they tie their tents to their trucks and weigh down the corners with heavy wares. It’s blowing legions of dead leaves across freshly raked lawns. It’s huffing and … More The Fullness of Fall