“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  L.M. Montgomery

The air finally has a nip in it. It feels like fall, like October, finally not that we’re near the end of it.

October is time for sweaters and boots and scarves. I love layering up my clothes to keep cozy. My wardrobe doesn’t actually change much from season to season since I wear sweaters in office air conditioning anyway, but during fall and winter and early spring I start to add in more boots and tights and scarves. The layers become thicker and warmer as I wrap myself up against the chilly air.

This time of year I get to wear lots of lovely things that were made by the loving hands of my mother and mother-in-law, who skillfully take string of yarn and knot them into beautiful sweaters and shawls, boot cuffs and scarves. I tried my hand at crocheting once or twice growing up, seeing my mom create the most beautiful gifts for friends and family. She would sit almost every night on the couch and swing the yarn around the her crochet hook over and over in patterns so intricate and lovely. It was her way of winding down, relaxing, and providing warmth and love for those around her. But the crocheting didn’t stick for me. I managed one school project and a scarf for my boyfriend-now-husband. I tried to get into knitting like my mother-in-law, too, but that lasted even less time. Somehow I couldn’t manage the crisscrossing of those two needles.

October is time for pumpkin soup and apple butter and steaming bowls of chili. I have the best vegetable soup stock recipe, which makes the best pumpkin soup with bacon and croutons. And this time of year always brings dozens of apples. It seems I can no longer eat raw apples because I have a slight reaction to them, but that just means I have to get creative about baking and cooking with apples. Luckily they pair with so many other foods, like chicken and raisins and nuts and cheese. I’ve made apple turnovers and apple bread and apple crisp shortbread bars and spicy, cinnamon-y apple butter.

I may have given up on my attempts at making cozy wearable art of out yarn, but I can feed people. At our house, we love to make delicious foods and pop open layered wines and talk until the light disappears. We love to invite you in and fill your stomach and share our plates. We love to light the fire and put out blankets and sit under the stars in our backyard, laughing and tell stories all night long. Come over, we’ll feed you and share our home.

October is time for trees to be set ablaze with red and gold and orange leaves. There is nothing like the colors of fall, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, the dazzle of trees and shrubs still in process of transforming. Our Japanese maple tree shines this time of year with the deepest ruby red. The ash trees in the back beam in bright amber. The towering oak trees, the last to let go of their leaves, variegate their foliage from bright orange to dulled bronze.

Some look at the fall as a prolonged dying season, where the freshness of spring and summer give way to the nature’s expiration, but what a way to go out, in a blaze of vibrant glory. Winter may be coming, but let it come slowly. Layer up against the chill and sip on apple cider while you watch nature show off before you. October is almost over.


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