En Silence

“But after years of practice she now prays as naturally as she breathes. Silently or aloud. From awakening to bedtime. In the cloister and in the hospital. Prayer slakes her thirst for the absolute. Prayer makes her heart rejoice.” – exhibit description of a nun’s life in the Monastère des Augustins. There is no TV … More En Silence

Do Nothing

I have always enjoyed camping. We did it a lot growing up, mainly with Girl Scouts, but also as a family. But we haven’t camped as much in the last several years, just an occasional trip here or there. It had been a couple years since our last one when we went with friends two … More Do Nothing

Always Out of Time

I have a goal this summer. Actually, I have several, but the one that I keep thinking about this week is: Slow down.  I have a terrible habit of always checking the clock. I have a very rigid sense of time, and it’s started to feel more and more constricting. This is not the way … More Always Out of Time

The Slow Unfolding

Saturday mornings around here start slow. We sleep in as much as time allows, get up gradually and make something delicious for breakfast (or brunch, depending on what time we climb out of bed), like pancakes, omelettes, or biscuits. We’ll probably get out a crossword puzzle while we eat and take turns filling in the … More The Slow Unfolding