Always Out of Time

I have a goal this summer. Actually, I have several, but the one that I keep thinking about this week is: Slow down.  I have a terrible habit of always checking the clock. I have a very rigid sense of time, and it’s started to feel more and more constricting. This is not the way … More Always Out of Time


Take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders; let them drop. Unset your jaw. Exhale. Listen. Unwind. Be still. About three years ago I chipped my front tooth biting a pen at work. Later, I chipped that tooth again on a piece of pizza– really, just pizza. It turns out, I grind my teeth at night, … More Tension

We Can Stay Here

Growing up, my dad used to make this joke about how quickly I would get into my pajamas after coming home from school. I didn’t waste time. It was one of the first things I did, especially when I came home later in the evening after swim practice or my part-time job. Even after I had … More We Can Stay Here

A Deep Breath

I’ve neglected my blog a bit lately. I think about writing a lot, and I have twinges of guilt about not making time or trying harder, but the truth is it’s just felt hard lately. There’s a restlessness that’s taken over me lately that’s making it hard to be motivated and creative. I’m blocked and … More A Deep Breath