I Learned to Really Apologize

I’m over at The Mudroom today, writing about reaching out and making amends. I hope you’ll join me there!

I sat in the parking lot of the grocery store with my cell phone in my hand. People were bustling all around, running their errands and loading their cars with brimming bags, but I couldn’t get that last conversation out of my mind. No matter how I tried to push the feelings aside, they kept creeping up on me.  I had been blunt and careless. I saw it in her eyes when she turned away and left the room. I hurt her.

Now sitting alone in my car, I couldn’t get that scene out of my head. Why had I criticized her so harshly? I had been honest, but I didn’t have to do it like that. We had both been feeling fragile and I made it so much worse. And then I let her leave … I scrolled through my contacts, found her number, and took a deep breath.

Read the entire post at The Mudroom

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