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This has been one pretty autumn! The trees have been so gorgeous lately. I especially love the Japanese maple in our front yard. My parents have one in their front yard, too, so it’s fun that our house shares that with the house I grew up in.

street   maple



We had some friends and family over on Friday night as a kind of Harvest Party, with chili and pumpkin soup and bread and salad. It was a beautiful evening, so with our outdoor fire pit going, we kept warm and loved having the company. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we never even snapped a photo!


My birthday request was to carve pumpkins for Halloween, so Monday morning Chad and I sat across the table from each other and carved away. I had looked up some ideas and decided on a scary looking mouth, so Chad carved an expression for his pumpkin in reaction: his pumpkin is obviously being scared by my pumpkin.



The renovations on our attic are almost complete (phase 1 anyway). We hired a contractor to build the dormer, frame the inside, install the windows, and complete the exterior work. We’ll also hire some professionals to help with the plumbing, electrical, and insulation, and then we’ll do the inside finishing work ourselves. It’s going to be a beautiful master bedroom/bathroom when we’re finished. Luckily, we’re in no rush to finish and can take our time getting everything done.


atticreno02   atticreno03

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