My Father-in-Law

I met my in-laws for the first time about six weeks after Chad and I had been dating. We were studying abroad together in France our junior year of college, and his family came over to visit for Christmas. I met the whole family at once:¬†Chad’s parents, his older brother and sister, and his brother’s … More My Father-in-Law

Eve, Beyond the Sin

I began a women’s bible study a couple weeks ago at my church called 12 Women of the Bible. Recently, I have been doing a bit of research and reading about women’s roles in the church and what the bible actually says about this, so this study sounded appropriate and promising. What spurred this dig … More Eve, Beyond the Sin

Being Church

I believe I’m a writer at heart. I express myself best– clearest and most open and thoughtful– through writing and that’s always been true. I was a note-writer in elementary and middle school.¬† I always excelled academically, due in large part to my ability to write clear, well thought-out papers and essays. I think in … More Being Church