“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  L.M. Montgomery The air finally has a nip in it. It feels like fall, like October, finally not that we’re near the end of it. October is time for sweaters and boots and scarves. I love layering up my clothes to keep cozy. … More October

A Bit More Tangled

I pour some of the cloudy mixture over my scalp and begin scrubbing. There’s no satisfying lather to let me know I’ve covered and cleaned every inch of my hair, so I flex my fingers over and over again, massaging my scalp deeply, using my fingernails and rubbing my hair against the grain. I gave … More A Bit More Tangled

The Washing

From where I sit at my wooden desk on the second floor of this sprawling office building, I can see the sky — not through a window, but through the octagonal skylight capping the atrium. What seemed like moments ago, the sky was blue, quintessential sky blue, with the kind of puffy clouds I’ve always … More The Washing