When I was younger and my mom would ask me to help with dinner, one of my least favorite things to do was cut up tomatoes. Sometimes they needed to be diced for tacos, or sliced for hamburgers, or quartered for salad. But no matter what, I didn’t want to do it. Something about the … More Tomatoes

The Big 5

My junior year of college, I studied abroad for one semester in Strasbourg, France. Studying abroad in France for five months was, for me, a big thing. I grew up in a family that didn’t really travel, didn’t fly, didn’t venture, so traveling alone for five months to a foreign country was a big step, … More The Big 5

30 and Loved

   I had a plan for this weekend. I thought, I can’t stop 30 from coming, so I might as well throw myself a party. So I was going to have my family over to our house yesterday, and then all my friends over today, but Chad had a different plan. Apparently, he’s had a … More 30 and Loved

Anxiety and Attitude

We took Olive Oil to the vet today. She just needed a check-up so we could continue her usual dose of anxiety medicine for another year. Yes, she needs anxiety medicine because things like other cats severely upset her, and our usually lovable, sweet cat becomes somewhat aggressive. Taking her to the veterinarian entails of … More Anxiety and Attitude