30 and Loved

   I had a plan for this weekend. I thought, I can’t stop 30 from coming, so I might as well throw myself a party. So I was going to have my family over to our house yesterday, and then all my friends over today, but Chad had a different plan. Apparently, he’s had a … More 30 and Loved

Anxiety and Attitude

We took Olive Oil to the vet today. She just needed a check-up so we could continue her usual dose of anxiety medicine for another year. Yes, she needs anxiety medicine because things like other cats severely upset her, and our usually lovable, sweet cat becomes somewhat aggressive. Taking her to the veterinarian entails of … More Anxiety and Attitude

Receiving Help

I recently read a post from Joy Bennett over at Joy in this Journey called Independence: The False Gospel Destroying American Christianity and it resonated with me because I learned about asking for help about a year and a half ago and it’s been on my mind ever since. I completely agree with her that asking … More Receiving Help

On Doing Dishes

When you’re young, and you imagine your future, I doubt many of us include in our images the daily tasks– laundry, dishes, commuting. I mean I certainly didn’t. And I probably think about them too often now: How much time do I really spend in the car on my way to and from work, in … More On Doing Dishes


Today is Jen’s birthday. She and our friend Ashley are my best friends after my husband. We grew up together and have so much history behind us. We met in, I don’t know, second grade? By the time we were in fourth or fifth grade, we were best friends. And we had rocky times, as I … More Jen